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83 York Street
Dundas, ON, L9H


Richard Fisher Pottery in Dundas, Ontario makes very functional and comfortable stonrware pottery and is well known for his very popular mugs and compost pails.


About Richard

A dragonfly gets its stunning, vivid colour from light reflected and retracted from the sun; an esoteric process that only Mother Nature could deliver. The dragonfly is a fitting symbol for Richard Fisher Pottery. The sensuality and character of each piece of Richard Fisher Pottery could only come from an equally enigmatic formation: Richard uses rich glazes that respond to the intense heat within a kiln to produce unique colours and varied surfaces. 

At his cozy pottery studio, tucked away in Dundas, Ontario, you’ll find no shortage of pottery items meticulously hand-crafted by Richard to capture the individuality only stoneware clay can produce. For almost 20 years, Richard has shaped and molded pottery pieces that have become favourites for families all over the world, including Richard’s signature Compost Pot, his indispensable coffee mug, or his exquisite collection of table ware pottery.

Richard’s credo: "creating sensual pottery for everyday use".

Not only does Richard Fisher Pottery possess beauty, but also utility. Designed for the greatest function possible, Richard embraces the character of the clay to create remarkably beautiful, yet strong, enforced forms within all his pottery. 
A naturally gifted artist, Richard has combined talent with technique. He studied at Oakville’s Sheridan School of Craft and Design - specializing in ceramics. And most of Richard’s pottery is as carefully calculated as it is crafted – having studied mechanical engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. To the benefit of potters of all ages, Richard shares his experience and passion for pottery as an instructor at the Dundas Valley School of Art.

When he’s not in his charming studio nestled on the rolling hills of the Niagara escarpment, Richard travels to the most popular arts and craft shows all over southern Ontario to meet loyal customers and share his love for pottery. However, his true loves are his wife and business partner, Shelley Fisher and their daughter, Gwyneth.